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MDHS General Meeting with guest speaker -Julia Diamakos and Monthly Flower Show

Preserving the Harvest - old and new techniques to keep garden veggies through the winter

Julia Diamakos

Oct 16, 2023




Milton Sports Centre, 605 Santa Maria Blvd, Milton, ON L9T 6J5, Canada

Julia started gardening after having children and fell in love with growing food for her family. She gardens organically and tries to keep it simple, while growing new and uncommon vegetables every year. She will speak about old and new techniques for keeping your veggies through the winter.

Flower Show Theme: Fall Beauty

Show Exhibits to be entered between 6:15 and 6:50 pm on the evening of the show.

See details in the Yearbook.

Location: Milton Sports Centre, Banquet Hall. Visitors welcome ($5)

We’re an enthusiastic group of individuals brought together by a common passion. Have a look at what we’ve got coming up, and if you’re interested in joining the Milton & District Horticultural Society simply get in touch today.

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