MDHS Garden Tour & Garden Week

Theme: "Year of the Garden"


Jul. 10, 2022





With the uncertainty of future government rules pertaining to Covid 19 but with the expectation that people will want to participate in outdoor activities, such as our Garden Tour, the Tour Committee will collaborate to create a memorable tour.

“In 2022 we are combining efforts of the Garden Tour and Garden Week Committees to make the events even better since it is the “ Year of the Garden”.

The 2022 MDHS Garden Tour is set for Sunday July 10 from 10am to 5pm and will feature some of Milton’s most interesting gardens. Tickets are $20 in advance from La Rose (Bronte St) or Milton Snapd or $25 on the day of the tour.

The Garden Tour and Garden Week have become a social event for many community residents and in these trying times we are hoping this will bring the community together.

Garden Week—Monday, June 13th to Saturday, June 18th

The week following will be Garden Week, filled with events for young and old, including a tree planting to mark the celebration, talks on various topics and activities for kids.

Watch for more details closer to the time.


We are looking for volunteers to join and share ideas for the tour and garden week committee. In addition, we need participation to promote the tour, to increase ticket sales, to like us on Facebook, to add us to your social media, to invite family and friends to purchase tickets and to make it a special annual event to follow. Together we can provide a fantastic Garden Tour and Garden Week.

Contact us for more information, to join the society, or to volunteer.

We’re an enthusiastic group of individuals brought together by a common passion. Have a look at what we’ve got coming up, and if you’re interested in joining the Milton & District Horticultural Society simply get in touch today.