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Bee Keeping and Pollination

Beekeeping and Pollination and our Jigsaw Puzzle Swap event

Dave Stotesbury- Beekeeper at Backed By Bees




Feb 27, 2024

Milton Sports Centre, Santa Maria Boulevard, Milton, ON, Canada

Dave is one of the founders of Backed By Bees and comes with a wealth of beekeeping knowledge and experience.  He figures he was spoiled when it came to the beginning of his beekeeping career as he got his start at the honey bee research centre at the University of Guelph where he was able to gain experience and build connections in the research, hobby and commercial beekeeping world.  It was at one of the university beekeeping courses where Dave ended up meeting Vincent.  

Dave has become a valuable resource to the beekeeping industry in Ontario and his influence and outreach ranges from consulting to sitting on the board of the Ontario Beekeepers Association. He now manages all things 'honey bee' at Backed By Bees and enjoys working  with the 400+ hives that are in his care.

So next time you have a beekeeping or honey related question, come on in and have a chat with Dave the Beekeeper.  You will certainly make his day because in his words "any day you get to talk about honey or beekeeping is a good day!"

We’re an enthusiastic group of individuals brought together by a common passion. Have a look at what we’ve got coming up, and if you’re interested in joining the Milton & District Horticultural Society simply get in touch today.

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