Role of the Committee

This committee is a group of community volunteers asked to oversee the Sunny Mount Community Garden and provide the Milton District Horticultural Society Executive and Chair with recommendations from their own perspectives.  The job of the committee is establishing policies that are in the best interest of the community of gardeners and ensuring that those policies stay true to the purpose of the Community Garden. The committee will be responsible for choosing the right resources to support gardening activities.

Committee Mandate

It will be the responsibility of this committee to:

Provide Oversight

  • Monitor issues and provide advice to the community of gardeners that may present a risk to their involvement in the community garden or have impact on the success of the gardening space;
  • Help resolve issues outside of the authority of individual community gardeners;
  • Identify and obtain the resources required by the gardening community;
  • Activity support the Community Garden and act as an advocate for its outcomes; and
  • Report on the program and its progress to the group they each represent.

Provide Governance

  • Ensure the onboarding of gardeners and plots is done in a consistent, repeatable, and transparent manner;
  • Assist in the resolution of matters between gardeners within the Community Garden proactively by establishing simple and clear policies and guidelines.
  • Monitor gardening activity against published policies and guidelines;
  • Ensure year-end off-boarding of gardeners and plots is complete; and
  • Foster an environment where ‘Lessons Learned’ from one year are captured and considered in the planning process for the next.

Maximize Benefits of the Community Garden

  • Establish how ‘benefits’ of the Community Garden will be defined and measured;
  • Monitor commentary and input from the community to ensure benefits are being realized;
  • Actively monitor and make any required changes to policies and/or guidelines;
  • Monitor realization of benefits and report to its key stakeholders –
    1. the Milton District Horticultural Society, and
    2. The Town of Milton.

Committee Membership

The Committee will be chaired by a representative of the Milton District Horticultural Society.


  1. Milton District Horticultural Society representative
  2. Other Horticultural Society members
  3. Sunny Mount Community Garden members

In addition to the member seats, the committee will commit itself to empowering its community’s youth by providing first-hand experience to a short-term committee member interested in expanding their professional experiences.

  1. Youth Leader

Roles and Responsibilities of Membership


  • presides at meetings,
  • keeps meeting on track as per agenda, and
  • takes into consideration all discussion and contribution in order to make decisions at end of discussion on each agenda item.


  • communicate the Committee’s role, directions, expectations and promote positive support and awareness of the Committee’s process,
  • ensure investments made in the Community Garden are aligned with the purpose of the garden,
  • provide support and guidance to other members of the committee, and
  • attend meetings as required.

Meeting Schedule

  • Committee meetings will be held bi-monthly throughout the year.
  • Additional committee meetings will be held bi-weekly from May 1 to Labour Day.
  • Meetings will be schedule for a length of no longer than 60-minutes.