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Summer Flower Show

Saturday, June 20th at the Milton Mall, 55 Ontario Street

Exhibits to be entered between 8:45 am and 10:30 am on the morning of the show. Exhibits to be picked up between 3 pm and 3:30 pm that afternoon. No responsibility will be taken by the Show Committee for exhibits left after that time.


Theme: Climate Change

Class D1: Art Tile– a pavé design. A prize of $5.00 in memory of John Roberts for most creative design
Class D2: Toast to Summer – a design in a cocktail glass, accessories permitted
Class D3: Forever Green – a design using mostly foliage. A prize of $5.00 in memory of E. E. Hollingworth
Class D4: Dancing Partners – a satellite design (OJES 2019 p150). A prize of $5.00 in memory of Anastatia Roberts
Class D5: It’s Mostly Wood – a mini design using wood as a feature

Section 2 – Novice

Class D6: Forever Green – same as D3

Section 3 – Youth

Class D7: Be Kind to the Earth – 7 years and under


There is no limit to the number of exhibits in any Horticulture class provided the entries are different cultivar/variety/species. When 3 or more blooms or stems are required they must be the same cultivar/variety/species. Classes are subdivided the day of the show depending on entries received.

Section A—Roses

Note: Foliage required in this section unless otherwise stated. A bloom is one rose on one stem, no buds or side shoots are allowed. The stem should ideally have 3 to 5 sets of leaves for a hybrid tea or 2 to 3 sets of leaves on a miniature. Rose sprays should have at least 2 blooms, half or more open. Micro mini roses are under ¾”. A fully opened rose is more than ¾ open.

Class H1: Hybrid Tea: red 1 bloom
Class H2: Hybrid Tea: any other colour 1 bloom
Class H3: Floribunda: 1 naturally grown spray
Class H4: Miniature: 1 naturally grown spray
Class H5: Miniature: 1 bloom
Class H6: Micro mini: (under 3/4”) 1 bloom
Class H7: Austin rose: 1 spray
Class H8: Climbing rose: one stem or lateral spray
Class H9: Shrub rose: one stem or lateral spray
Class H10: Other: Named 1 stem. Any other rose not mentioned above
Class H11: Most fragrant rose: 1 bloom
Class H12: Any rose: fully opened 1 bloom

The following 3 classes are for a fully opened rose floating in a clear, suitably sized, bowl. No foliage required:
Class H13: Miniature: floating 1 bloom
Class H14: Micro mini: floating 1 bloom
Class H15: Any other: floating 1 bloom

Section B—Perennials & Biennials

Foliage required in this section unless otherwise stated

Class H16: Allium: giant no foliage 1 stem. A Clement: A $5.00 prize given in memory by R & E
Class H17: Allium: any other no foliage 1 stems
Class H18: Aquilegia: (Columbine) 1 stem
Class H19: Campanula: 3 stems
Class H20: Clematis: 1 stem
Class H21: Delphinium: foliage optional 1 stem
Class H22: Dianthus: foliage optional 3 stems
Class H23: Digitalis purpurea: (biennial foxglove) 1 spike
Class H24: Digitalis lutea: (perennial foxglove) 3 spikes
Class H25: Hemerocallis: (Day Lily) no foliage 1 stem
Class H26: Heuchera: (coral bells) no foliage 3 stems
Class H27: Iris: no foliage 1 stalk
Class H28: Lillium: 1 stem
Class H29: Oenothera: (Evening Primrose) 3 stems
Class H30: Poppy: no foliage 3 blooms
Class H31: Peony: foliage optional 1 bloom
Class H32: Viola: foliage optional 5 blooms
Class H33: Flowering Branch: Named 1 branch Exhibit must not exceed 30”
Class H34: Other: Named 1 stem. Any other perennial not mentioned above. Foliage required if attached
Class H35: Other: Named 3 stems. Any other perennial not mentioned above. Foliage required if attached

The Canadian Rose Society will award a Certificate of Merit for the most points in the Rose Section of the Summer Show

Section C – Ornamental Leaves

Three leaves required in each class must be the same variety

Class H36: Ferns Exhibit must not exceed 30” 1 stalk
Class H37: Brunnera 3 leaves
Class H38: Hosta – Solid Colour 3 leaves
Class H39: Hosta – Variegated Colour 3 leaves lighter colour edging, darker inside (Marginate variegation)
Class H40: Hosta – Variegated Colour 3 leaves darker colour edging, lighter inside (Medio variegation )
Class H41: Hosta – Mini 3 leaves leaf blade area less than 6 square inches
Class H42: Largest Hosta 1 leaf
Class H43: Heuchera: (coral bells): 3 leaves
Class H44: Other: Named 3 stems Any other ornamental leaf not mentioned above.

Section D – Collections

A minimum of 3 cultivars with 2 or more specimens per cultivar. Foliage optional

Class H45: Mixed garden flowers
Class H46: Peonies
Class H47: Roses
Class H48: Clematis