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Speaker: Kate Sault

Kate was president of Dahlia Society, grows hundreds of dahlias, lives in Burlington and is coordinator of Halton Master Gardeners

Topic: Dahlias.

Learn how to turn a simple tuber into a beautiful bloom.


April (day to be advised) – Dahlia Swap

Event Organizer: Juanita Sheridan

Members can bring dahlia tubers to the event and trade them for different dahlia tubers to grow in their garden. If you bring two dahlia tubers, you can go home with two different dahlias. Dahlias
should be potted with eyes visible. If this is not possible, dahlia tubers can be brought in sealed plastic bags (like Ziploc). Please label dahlia tubers with any known information – color, size, name, variety etc. A picture can be included but is optional (the picture can be cut out of a seed catalogue). Check the newsletter for the event date