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This year’s AWARDS NIGHT DINNER will be held November 19, 2018

WHEN: Monday, November 19th at the Milton Sports Centre, 605 Santa Maria Blvd., off Derry Road (rear entrance)
* TIME: Doors open at 6:45 and dinner will be at 7:15 pm.
* Bring your own dinner plate, cutlery & mug. We will supply the dessert plates.
* Label your dish and serving utensils – so we can get the forgotten ones back to their rightful owner.
* As in previous years, we are asking you to bring a donation of non-perishable foods which will be given to the Food Bank
Nine Trophies and a variety of ribbon awards will be given to category winners of the Spring, Summer and Monthly flower shows.
Each year we have a Penny Auction table containing items donated by our members. Please bring a gift that you will be happy to bid on. After all, the more gifts to bid on, the more fun it is.
SUGGESTIONS: Gardening items, gift certificates from our Donor partners, cheery house plants, etc. If you are unable to attend but have a gift for the Penny Auction table, call me to arrange pick up.
In front of each auction item is a cup in which you can drop as many tickets as you want into each cup. The Penny Auction tickets come in a double row, joined together. Keep one portion of the ticket and put the duplicate ticket into the prize cups for the items you are hoping to win in the draw.
The tickets are in 2 parts. You will receive one half of the tickets while the other half goes into the draw box.
Look for the volunteers selling the tickets. There will be two different colored tickets, so make sure you are using the correct ticket for the Penny Auction.
Don’t forget to sign-in at the greeting table to receive your name tag. As well, write out your name on the piece of paper that will be given to you. This will go into the draw box for a chance to win one of the beautiful table centerpieces made by some of our members.
* 1 ticket for $2.00
* 3 tickets for $5.00
* A wingspan (15) for $10.00
*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Awards Night Dinner November 20th, 2017
TIME: 6:15 pm9:30 pm
PLACE: Milton Senior’s Centre, 500 Childs Drive, Milton

Award Presentation

President Anne Eadie and ex-President Marion Linkert jointly recited a humorous Christmas poem to entertain the crowd.

Part of the Silent Auction Table

FOOD DRIVE: Thanks for all donations gratefully!

We ask members to bring a donation for the auction to our October meeting. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something you would like to win yourself. It should be a garden related gift – gardening gloves, tools, gift certificates from your favourite garden centre, a bottle of wine, etc. etc. We will sell tickets for the auction the night of the dinner for the items you are interested in winning. (There is also a 50/50 draw.)

Please bring your contribution for the Penny Auction table to our OCTOBER meeting on October 23. This year we do not have the luxury of setting up early as we cannot get into the Seniors Center until 5:45 pm. If you are unable to bring your gift to the October meeting, please call Marion.

Please note: There will be two (2) different sets of tickets being sold—one set for the 50/50 draw and one set for the Penny Auction.
Both sets of tickets are the same price as listed below:
 1 ticket for $2.
 5 tickets for $5.
 A wingspan (15) for $10.00

Nine Trophies and a variety of ribbon awards will be given to category winners of the Spring, Summer and Monthly flower shows.